Landscaping in Yakima

A combination of bright, colorful flowers, manicured lawns, symmetrical shrubbery, and exterior décor can all contribute to flawless landscaping. The design you choose for your yard has the potential to elevate your home’s curb appeal, increase your property’s value, and give your place on the street a touch of personal character and style. However, creating and maintaining a beautiful yard has to be done with the right tools, knowledge, and experience. At Absolute Lawn Care Service we pride ourselves on providing our customers with impeccable service including design advice and maintenance. When you take caution to avoid common errors along the way, your yard can remain beautiful and timeless.

Doing All Landscaping Yourself

Landscaping isn’t for the faint of heart and it certainly isn’t a one-time task. Many homeowners assume they can plant a few flowers and lay a bit of sod and have themselves a pretty yard. However, this seemingly simply task involves soil testing to find the plants that will grow the most successfully in your local environmental conditions. It also involves regular maintenance such as watering, pruning, weeding, and mowing among other tasks. Trying to undertake the design and care of your yard all by yourself can be overwhelming. Additionally, without the proper tools and experience, tasks such as installing sprinklers and watering systems can be difficult and unsuccessful. At Absolute Lawn Care Service we take over all of this work and are a trusted landscaping contractor.

Thinking Short-Term About your Greenspace

Rushing to judgment on the plants you choose to use in your yard’s design can be a big mistake. While certain types of trees, flowers, and shrubs may thrive temporarily, they may begin to whither or overpopulate when weather conditions change. If you choose to plant vines or shrubs, keep in mind that without proper maintenance they could quickly become an eyesore or choke out other plants in your yard. When selecting flowers and such, consider how they will appear months from now. We can help you test your soil and select an array of foliage that will remain appealing and beautiful throughout the entire season.

Favoring the Front of your Yakima Yard

Some homeowners are so preoccupied with creating a beautiful and well-manicured front yard that they fail to spend any time in the backyard. Putting sufficient time and effort into both areas can ensure you are satisfied with the curb appeal of your home, but that you also have a private area where you can entertain guests, spend time with your family, and make memories with friends. As a superior landscaper, we can manage the care and maintenance of both your front yard and your backyard to ensure both get the proper care they need.

Before You Start Landscaping: Things to Consider

A beautifully landscaped property can extend your living space outdoors, creating a gathering place for your loved ones to enjoy the wonders of nature. Your landscape offerings can offer tremendous beauty and presence with extremely low maintenance. However, before ground is broken on a new landscape project, it is helpful to consider the intricacies of each property.

With this in mind, Absolute Lawn Care has compiled the following collection of considerations for your landscape project.

Instead of imposing a pre-prepared, cookie-cutter landscape layout on your yard, have a look at some of the things that make your property unique. Maybe you have stately, mature trees you’d like to showcase, a little hill, or a distinctive rock formation. By enhancing what you already have, you can save time, money, and headaches as you proceed with your landscape project.

If you’re considering a landscape redesign of your Yakima property, the first step is to know your yard inside and out. This is particularly important if you’ve moved relatively recently. Evaluate the quality of your soil, as well as your yard’s topography: is it relatively flat, or hilly and uneven? Among other things, this will help you be conscious of how water drains in your yard.

Yakima’s climate has some extreme variances in temperature, as well as high precipitation. Knowing how nature reacts to your property is paramount in planning a thoughtful a landscape design.

Another important aspect is shade—what parts of your yard get the most sunlight, and at which points during the day? This will help you decide on planting locations. It will also help you plan the layout of your landscape.

How do you envision your property being used? Multiple terraces for outdoor entertaining or meal preparation, quiet little enclaves for intimate gatherings, or meandering paths? Will children or pets be using your yard? This will help you decide on how much space to allocate for gardens and how much for outdoor living.

Many Yakima property owners like to have a theme or design scheme for their landscape. Whether that theme is a certain color, shape, plant type, or otherwise, a theme can add a touch of personality to your property.

How will your landscape spaces link to each other? Just like in your home, a landscape should have a logical, natural flow from one area to the other.

Pay special attention to your selection of plants, shrubs, and trees. If you are wondering what species are most likely to thrive in your climate, a good place to start is always to have a walk down the street and see what’s growing well for your neighbors.

Lastly, think about the future. Your trees and plants will have growth rates, and may quickly increase and expand within several years. Be sure that you have the yard space to accommodate them!

By mindfully considering your resources and values, you can ensure a sustainable and enjoyable landscape for years to come.

Garden Design for Your Yakima Landscape

Some of the best gardens are ones that not only look nice from a distance but ones that also feel comfortable too. You want to have a garden that you can maneuver through with ease, and that is also not to difficult to maintain. They should be relaxing, but not lazily cobbled together with amateur efforts. The plants, shrubs, and flowers must compliment each other and live in harmony. Knowing which plants agree with one another and which plants are suitable for our Northwestern climate requires an extensive knowledge of floras and greenery.

Landscape designers such as those at Absolute Lawn Care Service know how to create a beautiful, luscious garden for any home. A quality garden should be a landscape project of its own, and not just a mere afterthought.

You’d be surprised at the number of things a professional garden designer considers when designing your dream garden. Here are just a few of these not-so-obvious considerations:

  1. The Right Path: One of the first steps is two make sure the pathways of our garden are wide enough for comfortable passage. This is important even if you are not creating a massive garden that could host lengthy contemplative walks. Even small gardens need reasonably sized and well-planned paths, otherwise how will you water your garden without walking all over flowers and plants? For large gardens, we recommend a thoroughfare with a width of five feet, which should comfortably accommodate two people.
  2. Give Your Plants Room to Grow: When it comes to plants, you should always make sure they have enough room to flourish appropriately. Many amateur gardeners and landscape professionals will make the mistake of placing plants too close together while they are still maturing. It is important for plants to have space, because their roots and stems need room to spread. If they cannot spread throughout the soil, or they are too close to other plants, there is greater competition for the available nutrients and many of the plants will suffer. Soil only contains a finite amount of nitrogen, after all. Mites and other pests can spread more easily when plants are too close together as well, which can lead to out-of-control infestations and many dead plants. An overcrowded garden bed will often dry out much too quickly as well. Even watering the plants more frequently might not improve conditions for these moisture-depleted plants. Water can have difficulty accessing the soil in an overcrowded flowerbed because the plants cover the area so densely.
  3. Watch Your Steps: Are you looking to add steps in your garden area? Make sure that your Yakima property’s stairs and steps ascend very gently. Steep stairs can seem daunting for guests and are an unnecessary obstacle for an otherwise serene space. If you are looking to also add paving to your pathways, be sure to consider how your desired material responds to different weather conditions. Polished granite and outdoor tile are great, but they lose their traction when it rains.

When you work with the landscape professionals at Absolute Lawn Care Service, we make sure every part of your garden is thoroughly planned out before we get to work. Your end result will be a beautiful garden that compliments your home perfectly.

Landscape Services in Yakima

With our help, you can enjoy the creative aspect of designing and planning and let us take over the physical task of planting, watering, pruning, and maintaining. With our expertise at Absolute Lawn Care Service you can be confident your yard will remain aesthetically pleasing, functional, and complementary to your home. Fill out our online form today and let us help you get started on the adventure that is landscaping in Yakima.