Irrigation in Yakima

Transform your property with convenient, efficient custom irrigation installed by Absolute Lawn Care Service! Enjoy a beautiful, maintenance-free lawn without the additional hassles of hoses or watering cans.

Our team of full-service landscaping and hardscaping specialists install the latest in durable, functional sprinkler systems. Add tremendous convenience and value to your home or business’s property.

Our irrigation systems are available to you at great rates and installed with outstanding workmanship!

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Dependable Irrigation System Customized to Your Property

A growing number of home and business owners in Yakima are discovering the built-in possibilities of a custom sprinkler system. Contrary to popular belief, irrigation systems are not wasteful but actually, allow you to save significant quantities of water. This is due to the fact that you control when, where, and how much water is put onto your property.

Once installed, irrigation systems require little to no maintenance. For this reason, they are fantastic property investments, offering excellent resale value. Made from the highest quality equipment and components for durable performance, you are certain to enjoy years of dependable use and performance!

From the initial consultation to the final installation, you will be amazed at the quality of our customer service and attention to detail. In no time, your irrigation system will be ready to enjoy!

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Prompt, Meticulous Installation of High-Efficiency Sprinkler Systems

When we arrive at your property, we begin with a full assessment of your property. We determine the layout and placement of your irrigation system and then proceed with the installation. Our team uses top-quality hardware and equipment to ensure great results.

We work with diligence and precision, minimizing any disruptions to life as usual. Your irrigation system will be scarcely visible above ground, yet will be well-marked to avoid any tripping hazards.

Our professionals show you through each aspect of your irrigation system, instructing you on proper use and control. Our systems are exceptionally easy to use and are fully customizable to your property’s layout and topography.

Your custom irrigation system will be ready to use promptly and efficiently for decades!

Skilled, Experienced Landscaping and Hardscaping Professionals Serving Yakima

Our landscaping and hardscaping specialists have been providing outstanding services in the Yakima area for a number of years. We have developed reputations among both home and business owners for our wide range of specialties, prompt availabilities, and great rates.

With our helpful and courteous customer service, we can expertly advise and recommend on the best property upkeep matters for your purposes.

We look forward to introducing you to the conveniences of irrigation systems!


Discover the Countless Advantages of a Custom Irrigation System

Enjoy the many benefits of a custom irrigation, installed with care and precision by the experts at Absolute Lawn Care Service. We have the skills, resources, and landscaping passion for adding convenience and value to your property!

Regardless of your property’s needs, our team is the one to serve you!

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Irrigation in Yakima

If you’re looking for a landscape company who can keep your sprinkler system and lawn in check all-year round, look no further than Absolute Lawn Care Service. Professionally trained and industry-approved, we’re the team for you. Call us at (509) 985-6510 today to request our services.

Every Property Needs a Proper Irrigation System

We all know that the natural rainfall in Yakima isn’t enough to keep any lawn as healthy as it should be. That’s why we install sprinkler systems on our property. Whether your irrigation setup is sophisticated or simplistic, it succeeds in keeping your lawn nourished all year-round. Well, so long as it is properly installed, well-maintained, and serviced on a regular basis.

Finding an irrigation specialist who is able to handle your system like that isn’t always easy. While there certainly are many landscape and lawn care professionals in the region, few are likely to meet your understandably high standards. Your lawn isn’t just a part of the natural world, it is an extension of your home itself. You should be able to enjoy it!

With our help your lawn will look wonderful. With our services you can always expect:

  • Free No-Obligation Consultation Sessions
  • Same-Day Services
  • Flexible Scheduling Options
  • Competitive Rates
  • The Absolute Best Landscape and Irrigation Equipment and Materials

The Region’s Best Irrigation Installation Services

If you’re looking to upgrade your old sprinkler setup or install one on a newly-developed property, we’re the team you need. We don’t just show up to your property with a standardized plan and generic water system. We thoroughly investigate your entire property before making those sorts of decisions.

If you have a large garden or several small garden beds, we might suggest fixed-flow drippers for the sprinklers that tend to the garden area. But does that mean we’ll use fixed-flows throughout the rest of your lawn? Probably not! We’ll probably use adjustable drippers elsewhere.

If you have many tall and extremely thirsty plants, we might even recommend installing overhead sprinklers around your lawn. That said, we’ll never know until we inspect your property. We don’t make big decisions like that so quickly. We rush to your home, but we never rush into big decisions.

To Preserve and Protect: Irrigation Maintenance and Inspections Courtesy of Absolute Lawn Care Service

Your sprinkler system is constructed of various pipes, nozzles, and faucets, like your indoor plumbing system. The difference between your irrigation setup and your indoor plumbing is that your sprinkler system’s pipes are much more exposed to natural cold temperatures.

We all know what happens when our indoor pipes get too cold, don’t we? They freeze! And when they freeze, they’re liable to burst. A burst pipe makes for costly repairs and a whole lot of stress.

With us, you’ll never have to worry about those problems. We make sure your pipes are well-insulated and safe from harm!

Save Yourself Time and Money with Yearly Sprinkler Blow-Outs

Want to make sure your sprinklers are primed and ready for those cold temperatures that run the risk of freezing your pipes—even if they’re insulated? Call us to blow-out your sprinklers during the colder dormant months of winter. We’ll make sure all the water is removed from those pipes!

The Best Irrigation Services in Yakima

An irrigation system can improve your home and your lifestyle. At Absolute Lawn Care Service, we have the expertise to make your new watering system a reality. Automatic irrigation systems provide many benefits, including saving you time and money, creating healthier plants, and establishing the kind of garden you have always wanted. Not only does an automatic system let you spend more time enjoying your plants, rather than maintaining them, it also provides a level of precision that cannot be attained otherwise. If you are looking for a contracting company in Yakima that specializes in watering, we are your one stop for all your watering needs.

Save Water with the Right Irrigation System

At the end of the day, the most important aspect to getting an automatic watering system is the water it could save you. Watering by hand almost always results in over- or under-watering. Even if you make an effort to use the same amount every time, it is easy for your watering habits to gradually drift one way or the other. Irrigation systems are designed to use exactly the right amount of water, which means less is used, lowering your water bill. Learn more about how you can save water through.

  • Drip irrigation strategies
  • More efficient sprinklers
  • Rain/moisture sensors
  • Sprinkler system calibration

Designing Irrigation Systems in Yakima

One of the best ways Absolute Lawn Care Service helps you create a watering system that meets your needs is through unique designing. Before installing a new system, we take the time to work with you and figure out exactly what the best way to proceed is. Every landscaping job has unique requirements and obstacles, so figuring everything out and establishing a plan of action in advance is vital. Everything from soil type and conditions to water sources and pressure to the kinds of plants you are trying to grow should be taken into consideration. A design for your watering system, as well as an estimate, can be reviewed with you.

Choosing the Right Irrigation System

As we have already mentioned, the most effective way of choosing which irrigation system is right for you begins with surveying your landscape and factoring in all types of variables. Everything from how much sunlight your landscape gets to its topography and surface area can all influence which irrigation system suits your property and landscape best.

That said, a typical irrigation system will be comprised of a controller, solenoid valves and sprinklers.

These three pieces are the standard components of any irrigation system, however they each have their own specific variations. For example, a rotor-type head usually contains a built-in filter to screen out dirt and debris, but not all of them come with a check valve or a stainless steel riser. Not all solenoid valves have an internal bleed port or flow control features.

When you call (509) 985-6510 today, the Absolute Lawn Care Service will conduct a comprehensive survey to make sure that we find the most efficient irrigation system for your property. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us about the different components and their unique sets of pros and cons.

Installing Your Irrigation System

After we have conducted our inspection and have landed on which type of irrigation system is best suited for your landscape, the Absolute Lawn Care Service team will really come in handy when it comes time to install your irrigation system. Making sure the design is properly implemented isn’t for the faint of heart. It is a labor-intensive process that requires professional know-how to minimize costly errors.

Thanks to our many years of experience outfitting Yakima homes and businesses with brand-new irrigation systems, getting the Absolute Lawn Care Service team on your side is a guaranteed way to get the job done right the first time. We have seen countless home and business owners try to install their irrigation systems themselves only to have them unable to distribute water or be in violation of certain building codes. Inexperience with this complicated and physically demanding task will force you to take two steps back every time you think you are making progress.

Save yourself the trouble and let the professionals handle the install. Who could be better than Absolute Lawn Care Service to install your irrigation system? After all, we have taken the time to assess your landscape’s watering needs and helped sketch out the design to maximize watering efficiency. This knowledge will be invaluable when it comes to getting the job done quickly and effectively.

Plus, when you let us install your irrigation system, it makes our lives a lot easier when we have to provide it with maintenance in the future. Whether it’s a spring start up, a seasonal inspection, a water audit or just regular routine maintenance to make sure everything is flowing smoothly, our knowledge of your system from inception to installation allows us to be more effective in all areas of our irrigation services.

To find out how we can install a brand-new irrigation system on your Yakima property, call the experts at (509) 985-6510.

Healthier, More Beautiful Landscape

Of course, the main reason you are getting a new automatic sprinkler system is for the plants. Through precise, routine watering, it is possible to foster growth in ways that is simply not possible through other maintaining strategies. Getting strong and beautiful flowers and plants does not require you to spend all your time toiling in your yard. Get the results you want with all the legwork taken out of the process.

Watering Alternatives to Explore

There are ways a new watering system can care for your landscape you may not have even considered. For example, drip systems are gaining attention as an alternative to sprinklers that save water and create better results in some cases. Certain plants are simply better suited to receiving a small, continuous water supply, rather than occasional, larger waterings. This kind of system also does not encourage weeds to grow nearly as much. We are committed to helping you get whatever setup works best for your garden.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Irrigation but Were too Afraid to Ask

At Absolute Lawn Care Service, we treat our residential clients with the utmost respect. Part of this process involves answering questions that we receive on a regular basis from residential clients just like you. If you have a question or two that you would like to answer, then why not have a look at some of the responses we’ve provided below. However, if there’s a question that you need answering that isn’t covered below, then don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. With that in mind, please see the applicable responses below:

  • Should I Use Fixed-Flow or Adjustable Drippers? When it comes to choosing the perfect dripper for your home’s lawn or garden, you generally will end up selecting between fixed-flow or adjustable drippers. If you want a dripper that will cover larger areas and offer greater control over the release of water, then the adjustable route should be the way you go. Fixed-flow drippers are quicker to install and are great for gardens with lots of similar plants. At Absolute Lawn Care Service, the fixed-flow drippers we sell are pressure compensating, which means that you don’t have to worry about installing at varying heights.
  • Is a Soaker Hose or a Drip Line Better for my Lawn? One of the biggest advantages of a soaker hose, and the reason it has been so popular amongst many gardeners for many years, is that it is very easy to install and can be very effective. The one issue that many gardeners have with soaker hoses is that they release water in an unregulated fashion and can be considered very wasteful. Another issue is that it’s often only effective in lengths of up to 20-30 meters. By contrast, a drip line is an updated version of the soaker hose. Instead, the drip line is a plastic pipe with drip-emitters that are pre-installed at small intervals (generally, 30 cm apart). These emitters are pressure compensating and regulate the release of water precisely.
  • What Are the Perks of a Water Timer? The reality is that while you don’t need to use a timer to operate a watering system for the betterment of your garden, the fact of the matter is that it really makes perfect sense to invest in one. Using a water timer turns your garden watering system into an automatic watering system. As a result, you have more time to spend with your friends and family or take that much-needed vacation that you have been planning on for the past few months. Trust us, it’s a worthwhile investment.
  • Do I Need to Use a Pressure Reducer for My Irrigation System? The simple answer to this question is that it’s not imperative but it can prevent problems caused by high water pressure and sudden spikes in water pressure when using an irrigation system.
  • The Importance of Irrigation Winterization and Our Easy Four-Step Guide to Protect Your Sprinkler System From the Cold

    In Yakima, we’re blessed with milder temperatures than our friends and family on the East Coast experience in the winter months. As such, you might feel comfortable thinking you don’t need to do any work to winterize your home landscape irrigation system. However, Absolute Lawn Care Service is here to remind you that even if you just had sprinkler installation done this year, if you don’t take the time to protect your investment against the cold, you could end up with hundreds of dollars in damage and a system that just won’t work come spring.

    Step One: Shut the Water Off

    Obviously, there’s not much point in going through the trouble of winterizing your irrigation system if water is still running through it! It seems too simple a point to make but you’ll end up with a soggy mess if you don’t shut the water off at the valve first.

    Step Two: Insulate the Water Supply

    If your water supply to the sprinklers in your irrigation setup is above ground, your job is a little bit easier. First, make sure you locate the entrance and exit points for the water flow. Then wrap up the main valve with foam insulation and something to restrict airflow like a plastic bag.

    If the piping to your sprinklers is above ground, you’ll need to wrap this up with foam insulation as well. Underground system? Honestly, we wouldn’t recommend trying this yourself. Call a professional lest you risk digging up half your yard.

    Step Three: Shut Off Any Watering Timers

    This part is crucial. You really don’t want all your hard work foiled by an automatic timer. And because irrigation systems are designed to make annoying tasks like watering seamless by regulating them, it’s very easy to forget about this step! Locate the main control panel and disable any schedules you might have set up. Having difficulty troubleshooting lawn sprinkler systems or can’t remember what was set up for you? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to walk you through it or do it for you!

    Step Four: Remove the Water From Your Pipes and Sprinklers

    There are three different methods to achieve this, and all of them are pretty hard for the average untrained homeowner. You can either use the manual drain method, which involves opening all additional drain valves after the water supply is shut off.

    There’s also the automatic drain method, which is usually set up to drain all the water out when the pressure falls below a certain amount. This is perhaps the easiest method, but you’d likely already know if it was an option. Be sure nothing is stuck.

    The final method? Blowout. Push the water out with compressed air. This seems fun but is the most dangerous to your sprinkler systems.

    Having Trouble?

    Ice can damage even the most tough sprinklers. If you’re having difficulty troubleshooting lawn sprinkler systems and how to winterize them even after reading this, call Absolute Lawn Care Service today and let us do it for you!

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