Landscape Design in Selah

Enhance your commercial or residential property in Selah with a customized landscape design, planned by the specialists at Absolute Lawn Care Service! Our full-service landscaping experts create beautiful, distinctive, and highly personalized designs to suit each property.

Choose from a huge selection of landscaping and hardscaping features to beautify your property to its fullest. Following a detailed consultation process, we'll establish each detail of your custom landscape design and proceed with the installation and the construction.

Our services will add beauty, personality, and value to your property! Call us today to request a free estimate.


Outstanding Landscape Design Services Tailored to You

Enjoy the great outdoors from your property like never before with a custom landscaping design, prepared specifically for your property. With carefully selected property additions, you can add ease of maintenance and features that are durable and useful as well as attractive. Landscape and garden designs allow the opportunity to bring more of your living space outdoors, and to add considerable resale value to your property!

At Absolute Lawn Care Service, we recognize that no two properties are alike. Your landscape design will be precisely designed around your property's layout and topography. It will also incorporate elements of your own tastes, styles, and personality for an exceptional property finish!

Our designed landscapes are completed using the latest and most durable products and landscaping materials. Our team works alongside leading suppliers and manufacturers of landscaping products and can offer great cost-savings on a huge inventory of equipment.

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Extensive Options for Landscaping, Hardscaping, and Garden Design.

We can create the ultimate outdoor environment to suit your home or business— one that will provide a memorable first impression and that you'll enjoy for years. At the initial consultation, we will gain a sense of your dream features and necessary requirements, as well as your timeline and budget. We encourage you to bring to the table your favorite features, layouts, as well as plants and flowers.

Consider various features including:

  • Flower Beds
  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Vast Expanses of Green Lawn

We can also install hardscaping options such as:

  • Terraces
  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • ...and more

We work with diligence and precision, leaving no detail overlooked. In no time, your landscape design will be brought to life!

Landscape Designers and Contractors with Years of Dependable Experience

Our landscapers have been serving property owners in the Selah area for a number of years. We have established a reputation among both homes and businesses for our outstanding services and products. We design and install landscape designs that are truly personal to each property.

We are fully licensed and bonded for our wide range of services and can set up a regular maintenance schedule to keep your property looking beautiful.

Our friendly and helpful landscaping contractors can expertly recommend the best features to enhance your property!

Add Beauty and Distinctiveness to Your Olympia Property with a Landscape Design

Transform your property with a custom landscape design, meticulously planned and installed by the experts at Absolute Lawn Care Service. We have the passion, resources, and experience to serve you and your property!

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Excellent Landscape Design in Selah

Does your outdoor space need an upgrade that makes it both attractive and functional? Absolute Lawn Care Service can help and we know just where to start!

Do You Need a Landscape Makeover?

First, what’s a landscape makeover? It’s probably exactly what you think is: an overhaul of your outdoor space. Have you looked out onto your commercial or residential land and though, “Can’t this space be so much better?” Actually, it totally can!

Have you had past landscaping work before? Our professional team will go in and check out the existing structures and plans. Sometimes, a few key improvements and fresh gardening can be enough to send your space into a landscaping magazine.

However, sometimes we do need to start from scratch. Don’t worry because Absolute Lawn Care Service has plenty of experience with that too! If you really just read to rip up that dry sod and replace much of the outdoor fixtures, we’ll come up with a design that truly transforms your space.

What Types of Landscaping Are There in Selah?

Many types of landscaping exist and the same goes for the architects. However, even the most niche architect can fit into one or both of the following categories. The type main types of landscaping are:

  • Public Property and Commercial: These buildings can be office spaces or even apartment buildings. These are in a separate category because the spaces require different landscaping systems and the designs must abide by a different set of build codes.
  • Privately Owned and Residential Property: Personal properties aren’t under the same regulations as places of business or rental complexes. You might get a little more freedom, but our architects will make sure everything abides by local codes.

What Are the Absolute Lawn Care Service Values for Landscape Design?

We always keep in mind a few key principles as we create and implement our designs:

  • Beauty and Appeal: Of course, the physical look of the space is an important element of landscaping. The space much be inviting and serve the purpose of helping visitors relax and enjoy their time.
  • System Function: Landscape architects generally think of your space as a system and we understand your system must do its job. We don’t just add in a water feature. We think about how it will be filtered, how excess water will be drained and how that fits within the landscape’s ecosystem.
  • Interconnectivity: No design can work without each element working together to create the best space possible. We’ll make sure your design elements feel like they are meant to be in the same space.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Landscaping included sustainability before it became popular. Sustainability is two-fold as we make sure your space can thrive in the local climate and isn’t harmful to the natural environment.

Give Us a Call and Speak With a Landscaping Professional

Why wait to get started on your landscaping project? Give us a call today and we can give you the information you need to make great design choices. We can also schedule your first consultation with a landscaping professional and we’ll make sure it fits into your schedule.