Irrigation in Selah

If you’re looking to eliminate the worry of dry-seasons and droughts, contact the irrigation specialists at Absolute Lawn Care Service. We’re licensed, we’re bonded, and every member of our team is insured. For all your repair, installation, and maintenance needs, call us at (509) 985-6510 today.


It’s Simple: Every Lawn Needs a Well-Functioning Irrigation System to Truly Thrive

Did you know that Selah, Washington only gets about 9 inches of rain on average per year? If you think that’s low, well, you’re right—the standard is 30.21 inches.

You might not have noticed the relative dryness of beautiful Selah, but you’ve probably noticed those brown patches of grass all over your lawn, or the dying flowers in your garden.

If you’re like many of the other homeowners in the area, you’re probably looking for a company who can remedy this situation and keep your lawn nourished all year long. That’s where the landscaping experts at Absolute Lawn Care Service come in.

The Grass Is Always Greener with the Lawn Sprinkler Specialists at Absolute Lawn Care Service

While it is true that irrigation systems are incredibly low maintenance once fully installed, you still need to get past that highly important installation stage before you can finally sit back and watch it spritz your lawn.

But there is still the case of the installation process. Like we always say, whether or not your irrigation system succeeds in keeping your lawn healthy rests entirely in the hands of the contractors who install it. Without proper installation, problems can arise at the most inopportune moments.

As long as your irrigation system is installed by us, you shouldn’t have a single problem. Given the warm climate in Selah, you might not even have to call us to perform annual sprinkler blow-outs!

We Offer Free Consultations for Your Irrigation System

We believe in saving you money whenever possible. With our free consultations and free estimates on services, you’re already saving money that you would’ve had to spend on another contractor.

During the consultation process, we’ll also be able to learn about your property. We’ll learn what areas need the most water and how we can conserve water for the benefit of you, your plants, and the planet.

The Secret to Garden Growth: An Automatic Garden Sprinkler!

We are capable of fully customizing a drip-irrigation system for your garden. With an automated system, you’ll never over-water your plants, or drench the soil in those needless pools of water.

Extended Warranties on All Yard Sprinkler Services

With our warranties, you’ll be looked after by us for years to come. If ever there is a problem, all you’ll have to do is call us!

We Guarantee Fast Turnarounds on Sprinkler Repairs

We don’t grumble and groan through our jobs. When we’re on your property, we are energetic and eager to address all your concerns and irrigation issues.

Lay Back and Let Your Irrigation System Water the Lawn

An irrigation system saves you water, but it also saves you from spending too much of your energy too. How’s that for a win-win?

The Best Irrigation Services in all of Selah

The lawn care and landscaping professionals at Absolute Lawn Care Service specialize in installing high-efficiency irrigation systems, adding convenience and durability to your property.

Our irrigation systems are built and installed to the most modern standards, making it easier and faster than ever to maintain the lawn of your dreams. You’ll appreciate our expertise, attention to detail, and competitive rates.

To receive a free estimate for our irrigation installation services, contact us today!

State-Of-The-Art Sprinklers and Irrigation Systems

It has never been easier, faster, or more affordable to add a sprinkler system to your property. After they have been installed, irrigation systems require next to no maintenance to provide years of reliable function. You won’t have to deal with hoses or watering cans and can focus your energy on other parts of your home and garden.

Water Savings with Our Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems are also an excellent investment, offering a significant increase in resale value when it’s time to sell. Contrary to popular belief, an irrigation system actually results in water savings, as you can pinpoint where, when and how much water is spread on your property. You effectively eliminate water waste with a modern, efficient sprinkler.

With our irrigation systems, you can enjoy a healthy and perfectly maintained lawn at the touch of a button! To learn more about these revolutionary solutions to landscaping and lawn care, contact us today!

Professionally Installed Commercial and Residential Irrigation Systems

Our irrigation systems are the most modern sprinklers available on the market. Our installation process uses the latest, most effective equipment and hardware to ensure a durable, well-functioning system. We are committed to working safely and neatly on your property, minimizing disruptions to your life as usual.

Detailed Irrigation System Assessments and Installation

Upon arrival at your property, we’ll begin by a full and comprehensive assessment of your property. Once we have located the location of your irrigation system, we will map out the layout and network. We will determine the location of buried pipes and cables and install trenches where they will be located. When the pipes have been successfully installed, we will proceed with the installation of the sprinkler heads at ground level. These will be marked so they are not a hazard for tripping or mowing.

Once your state-of-the-art irrigation system has been installed, our technician will guide you through each aspect and component. Included will be detailed instructions of the controlling, adjusting, and maintaining of your system. You’ll be taught how to specify the amount of water released.

In no time, your newly-installed sprinkler system will be prepared for years of low-maintenance and dependable use.

Add Convenience and Beauty to Your Property with Irrigation

Regardless of the size or type of property you own, an irrigation system will add value and ease to your property’s maintenance needs. Our systems are installed to the highest standards of durability and reliability.

To receive a free estimate for our irrigation systems, contact us today. We look forward to serving you!

Irrigation Installation in Selah

Find out how much a new irrigation watering system can do for your property. Absolute Lawn Care Service is here to make it simple for you to enjoy all the benefits of an automatic watering system. Save time, water, and money while growing bigger and stronger plants in your garden. That way, you can enjoy your landscape more and spend less time maintaining it. When you are seeking irrigation systems experts in Selah, look no further. We have what it takes to create an intuitive and effective watering system for you.

Benefits of Irrigation Systems

There are many benefits to installing an irrigation system on your Selah property. Although an irrigation system can sometimes be costly, we think that the benefits outweigh the costs. Here’s a short list of some of the benefits you’ll get from an irrigation system installed by Absolute Lawn Care Service:

  1. Save Water, Time and Money The number one reason to install an irrigation system is to save water. We can’t emphasize this enough. Your old sprinkler or hose is letting more water evaporate than the plants can absorb. Most people water their lawns and gardens during the day when the sun is already out. With an irrigation system, you can automate your sprinklers to work in the morning, evening, night—when you’re not even awake. That way more water gets absorbed by the plants themselves. This saves you money and time!
  2. Prevent Weeds With a drip irrigation system, your plants can get watered right at the root. That means there won’t be water all over the place for the thieving weeds that will sneak up on your garden. This can also prevent mold and diseases from gaining a hold on the leaves of your plants.
  3. Preserve the Soil’s Nutrients Because you can customize your irrigation system, you can ensure that your lawn and garden never flood. This keeps all the essential nutrients buried in the soil—right where you want them!
  4. Increase Your Property Value With a professionally installed irrigation system from Absolute Lawn Care Service, you can expect your property values to increase. Our long-lasting and durable designs mean that it’s a long-term investment which can really pay off down the road.

Irrigation System Do’s and Don’ts

Watering your lawn or garden is an important part of landscape maintenance. It’s also something that business and homeowners do poorly. In an effort to correct some of these ineffective irrigation techniques and strategies, we here at Absolute Lawn Care Service have put together a short ‘do’s and don’ts’ list to point you in the right direction.

  1. Water in the early morning. Watering at night can cause fungus to grow on your plants. Watering your lawn or garden in the late morning or afternoon allows a large amount of water to evaporate. You want that moisture to be absorbed by the roots, not by the clouds.
  2. Use timers. Timers are an essential part of every irrigation system. They’ll allow you to water your lawn and garden while you’re not around to do it.
  3. Use drip or mist to water flowers and other delicate garden plants. Stay conscious of over-watering your garden. Drip systems allow water to feed right into the root structure of your plants rather than collecting on the leaves and evaporating.
  4. Use moisture sensors. You’re not building a swamp, you’re building a lawn. You probably don’t need to water your lawn if it has just rained. Moisture sensors will stop you from wasting water.
  5. Maintain a consistent water pressure for your sprinkler system. On the one hand, you don’t want to damage your garden or plants. On the other, you don’t want to waste water.
  6. Plan your irrigation system carefully. The last thing you want to do is water your driveway, street, or patio. Make sure the water is getting to the plants that need it.
  7. Use a freeze sensor. Winter can get cold in Selah, so it’s important to prepare for it. Install a freeze sensor so the pipes in your irrigation system don’t break.

Irrigation Systems to Save Water

If it is created and installed correctly, a new watering system can significantly cut down on your water usage without sacrificing the health of your plants. There is no reason you must have a large water bill in order to maintain a beautiful garden. The following strategies can be employed to make your system as efficient as possible:

  • Directing water – many sprinkler systems do not spray their water exclusively on grass and other plants. All water that lands on sidewalks or driveways is wasted.
  • Even watering – If any area of your landscaping receives more water than it should, the excess simply runs off without being absorbed.
  • Scheduling – watering during the early and late hours results in less water evaporating or being blown away by the wind.
  • Proper spray – Water droplets should not be too mist-like to ensure it lands and is absorbed.
  • Automatic precision – Irrigation systems result in just the right amount of water being used, meaning none is wasted and your plants are not under-watered.
  • Moisture sensors – If it rains or is especially humid, sensors can shut your sprinklers off, meaning you take advantage of the natural water.

At the end of the day, an automatic water system does not just save you time, but it preserves water and reduces your bills. Learn more about how we can set up a system to maximize your savings.

Growing More Vibrant Plants Through the Right Sprinkler System

Saving water is great, but getting a system installed for your irrigation is really all about the plants. With the precise and perfectly consistent watering schedule that an automatic sprinkler system can provide, you can grow a healthier garden while spending less time up keeping it. Separate your plants into sections by type and integrate the sprinklers to water each section a different amount based on each specific need.

Custom Made Watering System

An important step in the creation of a watering system is the design process. We are able to work with you to determine exactly what the best way to meet your needs is. It is vital to examine your landscape to discover what soil condition, water source, plant material, and water pressure you have. We can also recommend what type of system would work best. Your garden areas may be more suitable for a drip system, allowing less water to be used and weed growth to be mitigated.

It all depends on what kind of lawn and garden you want. It can be complicated to figure this all out. But that’s why we’re here. Absolute Lawn Care Service will come to your home and do an assessment of your property. That way we can determine the best way to set up your irrigation system. It’s also a way for us to speak to you directly about what you envision for your yard. Before we start digging trenches around your Selah backyard, we want to know exactly what you want.

Irrigation System Options

When it comes to irrigation systems, it’s not always going to be a one-size-fits-all situation. Absolute Lawn Care Services has been in business for 13 years now, originally opening our doors in 2004. Over the years, we’ve been able to provide numerous Selah residents with the right irrigation systems for their landscapes. Residential or commercial, if you need your lawn or plants taken care of, we’re here to help!

Sprinkler Systems

Are you looking for an easy to manage, timed, and affordable option to keep your lawn refreshed? By installing a sprinkler system you’ll be guaranteed an even spread of water and can set your sprinkler heads on a timer to go off exactly when you need. Never waste time watering your lawn again!

With our automated sprinkler systems, you can water your lawn and garden at all hours of the day. So if you know that your tree will shade your vegetable garden at 2:00 pm, then set your sprinkler system to water your garden at that time. Or, water your lawn and garden at night. That way more water will get absorbed by the plants because it won’t evaporate in the sun. Since you can automate your irrigation system to water different parts of your yard at different times, you can be fast asleep! Wake up in the morning to a beautiful tended yard just waiting to be enjoyed.

Micro Irrigation

Micro irrigation includes multiple different lawn and garden irrigation systems, all of which act in a similar way. Drip irrigation, localized, low volume, and low flow all operate efficiently to conserve water. Rather than spraying water, they are installed closer to the ground and allow water to drip slowly towards the roots of the grass or plants.

There are two ideas here: first, because there’s no over-watering, your plants will never be over saturated. This highly customizable system means they get just the amount of water they need. The second is that because the water is released in the shade of each plant’s own leaves, there’s less evaporation. That means less money spent and an eco-friendlier solution!

How is drip irrigation eco-friendly? Its diversion of water is concentrated, and given that it goes directly into the earth, you won’t risk the percentage of evaporation that occurs with a classic sprinkler system.

Irrigation System Cost

If you’ve invested in landscaping for your home, you absolutely need to budget for a quality irrigation system to keep things flourishing. When it comes to irrigation system costs, there are a range of options depending on the system you choose and the complexity of your green space.

We start every planning process with an in-depth assessment of your yard to determine what system will be best, how many irrigation zones need to be covered and where equipment and sensors should be placed.

Irrigation installation can cost between $1,500-4,000. That’s a pretty big range! To find out the exact quote for your property, get in touch with Absolute Lawn Care Service today.

Commercial Sprinkler Systems in Selah

Are you managing a field or park that needs consistently healthy grass? We offer irrigation system installations for sports fields and parks around Selah. Automated sprinkler systems are a great way to evenly distribute water to your turf. That means no pooling and no trenching. You’ll get strong, thick grass that’s perfect for sports, events, and more.

Our commercial sprinkler systems are custom designed to suit the needs of your Selah business. If you have a large plot of turf and a garden on your property, we can design an irrigation system that will deliver the right amount of water to each.

Commercial irrigation depends on different principles than residential ones. Unlike residential irrigation, commercial irrigation needs to account for business and closing hours. If it’s a field turf, the irrigation system needs to account for the fact that the sprinklers need to be hidden and out of the way. Imagine tripping on an exposed sprinkler while playing football? That’s a sure-fire path to a lawsuit!

At Absolute Lawn Care Service, we design all our sprinkler systems to suit the specific needs of your Selah business. If you’re interested in hiring us to install your commercial sprinkler system, give us a call. Consultations are free! We’ll do an assessment of your property and determine the best course of action to build your reliable commercial irrigation system.

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When you are looking for irrigation contracting services in Selah, Absolute Lawn Care Service is the company that has the experience and expertise needed to make your dream a reality.

Operating locally for nearly 15 years, every one of our team members are hired for their dedication to the craft of lawn care. We understand that homeowners are dedicated to keeping their property looking as beautiful as possible, and invest ourselves in making sure that happens.

We’re also invested in providing you with competitive pricing so that you can make your property amazing without breaking the bank.

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