Irrigation in Selah

Find out how much a new irrigation watering system can do for your property. Absolute Lawn Care Service is here to make it simple for you to enjoy all the benefits of an automatic watering system. Save time, water, and money while growing bigger and stronger plants in your garden. That way, you can enjoy your landscape more and spend less time maintaining it. When you are seeking irrigation systems experts in Selah, look no further. We have what it takes to create an intuitive and effective watering system for you.

Irrigation Systems to Save Water

If it is created and installed correctly, a new watering system can significantly cut down on your water usage without sacrificing the health of your plants. There is no reason you must have a large water bill in order to maintain a beautiful garden. The following strategies can be employed to make your system as efficient as possible:

  • • Directing water – many sprinkler systems do not spray their water exclusively on grass and other plants. All water that lands on sidewalks or driveways is wasted.
  • • Even watering – If any area of your landscaping receives more water than it should, the excess simply runs off without being absorbed.
  • • Scheduling – watering during the early and late hours results in less water evaporating or being blown away by the wind.
  • • Proper spray – Water droplets should not be too mist-like to ensure it lands and is absorbed.
  • • Automatic precision – Irrigation systems result in just the right amount of water being used, meaning none is wasted and your plants are not under-watered.
  • • Moisture sensors – If it rains or is especially humid, sensors can shut your sprinklers off, meaning you take advantage of the natural water.

At the end of the day, an automatic water system does not just save you time, but it preserves water and reduces your bills. Learn more about how we can set up a system to maximize your savings.

Growing More Vibrant Plants Through the Right Sprinkler System

Saving water is great, but getting a system installed for your irrigation is really all about the plants. With the precise and perfectly consistent watering schedule that an automatic sprinkler system can provide, you can grow a healthier garden while spending less time up keeping it. Separate your plants into sections by type and integrate the sprinklers to water each section a different amount based on each specific need.

Custom Made Watering System

An important step in the creation of a watering system is the design process. We are able to work with you to determine exactly what the best way to meet your needs is. It is vital to examine your landscape to discover what soil condition, water source, plant material, and water pressure you have. We can also recommend what type of system would work best. Your garden areas may be more suitable for a drip system, allowing less water to be used and weed growth to be mitigated.

Irrigation System Options

When it comes to irrigation systems, it’s not always going to be a one-size-fits-all situation. Absolute Lawn Care Services has been in business for 13 years now, originally opening our doors in 2004. Over the years, we’ve been able to provide numerous Selah residents with the right irrigation systems for their landscapes. Residential or commercial, if you need your lawn or plants taken care of, we’re here to help!

Sprinkler Systems

Are you looking for an easy to manage, timed, and affordable option to keep your lawn refreshed? By installing a sprinkler system you’ll be guaranteed an even spread of water and can set your sprinkler heads on a timer to go off exactly when you need. Never waste time watering your lawn again!

Micro Irrigation

Micro irrigation includes multiple different lawn and garden irrigation systems, all of which act in a similar way. Drip irrigation, localized, low volume, and low flow all operate efficiently to conserve water. Rather than spraying water, they are installed closer to the ground and allow water to drip slowly towards the roots of the grass or plants.

How is drip irrigation eco-friendly? Its diversion of water is concentrated, and given that it goes directly into the earth, you won’t risk the percentage of evaporation that occurs with a classic sprinkler system.

Irrigation System Cost

If you’ve invested in landscaping for your home, you absolutely need to budget for a quality irrigation system to keep things flourishing. When it comes to irrigation system costs, there are a range of options depending on the system you choose and the complexity of your green space.

We start every planning process with an in-depth assessment of your yard to determine what system will be best, how many irrigation zones need to be covered and where equipment and sensors should be placed.

Irrigation installation can cost between $1,500-4,000. That’s a pretty big range! To find out the exact quote for your property, get in touch with Absolute Lawn Care Service today.

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When you are looking for irrigation contracting services in Selah, Absolute Lawn Care Service is the company that has the experience and expertise needed to make your dream a reality.

Operating locally for nearly 15 years, every one of our team members are hired for their dedication to the craft of lawn care. We understand that homeowners are dedicated to keeping their property looking as beautiful as possible, and invest ourselves in making sure that happens.

We’re also invested in providing you with competitive pricing so that you can make your property amazing without breaking the bank.

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